Middle School at LCS

Grades 6-8

We love Middle School! More than an in-between, middle school is the time when our students learn to build friendships, develop grit when faced with adversity, and discover the gifts our Father in heaven has given each child for service and worship in His kingdom. These years matter. It’s a time when they’ll seek independence, be challenged to maturity, and be stretched to handle bigger responsibilities.

As your child enters this stage of development, what comes to your mind? Perhaps, you’re looking for  a school where they will build healthy friendships. Or,  a learning environment that will prepare your child for high school. For many parents, searching for a place that embodies the love, care, and discipline of a Christ-centered culture is what matters most. What if all three were reality?

At Lakeland Christian School, we emphasize what’s important to families like yours. Our middle school program is designed to support and engage students, helping them pursue excellence — in learning, living, and loving Jesus Christ. Below, you’ll find an overview of what we offer, including:

Middle School Culture
Student SAFETY

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Student Life and Culture

A cHRIST-CENTERED community where your child is known

During middle school, you’ll discover that relationships matter to your student, often more than mathematics and social studies. Your student desires to belong; to a team, a peer group, a club, or perhaps a church youth group. They will want to be in a place where they can comfortably build relationships with peers who make them feel seen and known. At Lakeland Christian School, our connected and thriving school student life culture allows middle schoolers to:

  • Demonstrate respect and care for others. Christ-centered values, such as love, compassion, and kindness to others, are emphasized in our middle school. During our weekly chapel, we dedicate time for praise and worship accompanied by large group Bible teaching that encourages students to learn and live by the fruits of the Spirit. 
  • Grow through mentorship. Teachers at LCS work diligently to build strong relationships with our middle schoolers. Inside and outside the classroom, they explore every child’s unique learning style and interests to create a dynamic academic experience.  Through our advisory program, teachers encourage students to take ownership of their learning and develop leadership skills.
  • Develop biblical character. Our biblically integrated curriculum, chapel program, service opportunities, and restorative discipline and conflict resolution train students  in the character and faith of a follower of Jesus.
  •  Exercise Self-discipline. Teachers encourage students to make wise choices, allowing them to learn and grow from their experiences. We provide opportunities for students to grow in character by reinforcing positive behaviors and correcting negative behaviors.



The academic and student life programs at LCS lead middle schoolers to explore and discover the Lord’s creation and design across all disciplines, with a core education in mathematics, science, English, social studies, and Bible supported by a host of clubs, leadership, and service opportunities. Your child will develop strong academic, social, and spiritual foundations through the following:


Middle schoolers engage in hands-on, active learning environments, group discussions, Socratic dialogue, role playing, and other activities using a variety of learning methods. These activities are designed to develop critical thinking and analysis skills through peer collaboration   by identifying problems, analyzing causes, and formulating solutions.


Students at LCS branch out to explore unique interests through electives such as band and choir, visual arts, robotics, innovation and entrepreneurship,  FFA, Spanish, and coding. A range of clubs such as Robotics, Bible Study, Chess, Entrepreneurship, Aviation, and Theater provide our students the opportunity to experience discipleship and develop peer relationships outside of the classroom. 

Leadership and Service Opportunities

At LCS there are many opportunities for our middle school students to serve the local community. Organizations such as the National Junior Honor Society, FFA, and Middle School Student Council provide students opportunities to develop leadership skills and serve both their school and the Lakeland community.


Beginning in middle school, students have the opportunity to compete on a host of sports teams including basketball, baseball, cheer, cross country, golf, soccer, swimming, and tennis with coaches committed to seeing athletes grow spiritually, emotionally, and athletically. Over the years, our varsity athletic teams have achieved 25+ state championships, 40+ regional titles, 40+ college signings, and 160+ district championships.


LCS Parent

It is probably not common to hear, ‘middle school has been amazing,’ but it has! My children are loved and supported by their teachers. Their coaches mentor them with a Christ-centered focus. To have the support of the Lakeland Christian School community to help raise my children when they are not in my direct care is priceless.

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preparation for high school

Challenged and equipped for today and what’s ahead

The middle school program at LCS is designed to prepare your student for the challenges of high school and beyond. At every stage, we support this growth by cultivating:

Goal setting

Our students will learn how to plan, set objectives, and take action as they receive guidance from their faculty advisors, engage in class meetings, participate in Career Day, and meet with guidance counselors. Students may also take part in selecting electives and clubs that interest them.

Independence and Responsibility

Teachers dedicate the time to provide the right kind of support for middle schoolers to learn the value of independence and responsibility. Whether it’s through planning class projects, problem-solving activities, or navigating social and emotional matters, your middle schooler will be challenged to develop traits that will serve them well in high school and beyond.

Healthy Peer Relationships

The middle school program at LCS fosters a Christ-centered community where your child will be seen, recognized, and valued.  Our teachers partner with families as our faculty come alongside students to guide them through the complexity of middle school relationships. 

student safety

Safe spaces for Students to thrive

We emphasize physical and emotional safety within our school through several measures, such as a School Resource Officer, locked doors, visitor check-in, security systems, and background checks. Our school culture highly prioritizes emotional safety, and middle schoolers are expected to act with respect, kindness, and care for others.

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